Corporate Identity

Integrated Engineering Production System Long term collective expertise delivers assured quality

Since our founding in 1983, we at MAKE have continued accumulating advanced and wide-ranging technologies in the field of factory automation. Over this time we have accumulated expertise in 19 technical areas, each refined and developed to a high level. Drawing upon this wide range of know-how we are able to deliver new and better solutions by integrating different areas of expertise.
Our path to the future lies in our present technological concept; “Integrated Engineering Production Systems”. This means developing more advanced production lines that are flexible and reasonable in terms of quality and cost. Using intelligent technologies and robot technologies we are constantly working to improve our abilities to develop technologies that deliver efficient and high performance production lines, equipment, and peripheral equipment for use in any field. While overseas shipments are increasing, we at MAKE are working to expand the potential of Japanese “craftsmanship”.

  • Engineering Solutions

  • Automation of a Variety of Industries

  • Spreading Our Solutions to the World

Our Goal is to Provide IE Production Systems that Full Quality Assurance

At MAKE, our goal is to provide FA (Factory Automation) that fully address demands and use IE (Industrial Engineering) to build cutting-edge production systems that are flexible and reasonable in terms of quality and cost.

While we have accumulated and advanced our knowledge in manufacturing cutting-edge production systems that integrate manpower, materials, and equipment, we have never remained satisfied with the status quo. Instead, we have always looked forward to advancing our expertise to a higher level.

We build complex systems for any type of production technology and stand-alone machines as well, and improve system integrity with relevant technologies.

We are not only offering a solution to your problem, but creating new, added value. The “Next Technical Dimension” is what we are constantly aiming for.