Robot Systems

Robot Systems-Labor-Saving Background

Robot Systems-Labor-Saving Background

In Japan and other industrialized countries, and in China, with its population of 1.5 billion, the general consensus is that problems related to aging population, diminishing birthrates, and a shrinking workforce will continue to worsen.
Expanding markets in emerging countries has led to rising labor costs and labor shortages, which is increasing the need for automation. And also from the viewpoint of quality assurance in the global market, it is believed that the demand for robotic systems will increase yearly.
At MAKE, we also focus on developing robot systems to fully meet a wide range of customer demands.

Increasing Speed, Robotic Teamwork

High-Speed Packing System High-Speed Packing System

Conventional assembly line theory has always been that the product is passed on to the next station after the completing the work. Only one machine is used, even for time-consuming work. Advancements in work analysis however, have revealed that using multiple machines that work together, passing the product on to the next machine while still in the middle of the work, can shorten cycle time.

Hand (Air Check) Hand (Air Check)

In this case, an integrated system that combines peripheral equipment and a network rather than individual robots, is required. In the next section, we’ll take a look at some actual systems that we have developed.

Make Robot Systems

  • 6-Axis Multi-Joint System
    6-Axis Multi-Joint System

    This system utilizes two robots to carry out immersion leak tests, accuracy, missing part checks, and engraving. Replacing jigs offers greater flexibility.
    Capacity: 50kg

  • Traveling Robot System
    Traveling Robot System
    Traveling Robot System

    The robot is designed with a 10m-travel path to supply large work (60kg) to multiple machines. The traveling robot system can also change large tools. The robot is equipped with a large stroke servo drive hand giving it a wider range of compatibility.
    Capacity: 210kg

  • Image Processing System
    Image Processing System

    For operations that are supplied by a conveyor, this system uses a camera to detect the product’s position and type, and then transfers it to the machine. Equipped with a work overlap release mechanism allows for continuous operation.
    Capacity: 20kg

  • SCARA Type System
    SCARA Type System
    SCARA Type System

    We develop SCARA type systems based on requirements for work size, space, and speed.
    Capacity: 20kg

  • Non-Stop Robot System
    Non-Stop Robot System

    W-Arm, Linear type
    This system offers fast cycle time and multi-process operation.
    Capacity: 15kg

  • Assembly Line Robot Systems
    Assembly Line Robot Systems
    Assembly Line Robot Systems

    This autonomous assembly line utilizes multiple robots and multi-process operation.
    ・First process
    Capacity: 5kg x1
    ・Final process
    Capacity: 20kg x2

About Robot Hands

Robot hands are designed to reflect the function of human hands.
Their designs incorporate a broad range of ideas. We have developed a wide variety of hand designs.

  • Long Stroke
    Long Stroke
    Chucking capacity: 100kg
  • Compatible with a variety of work types
    Compatible with a variety of work types
    Compatibility: Spherical, Cube
  • Compatible with a variety of work positions
    Compatible with a variety of work positions
    Compatibility: Vertical, Horizontal, Internal, and External